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December 3, 2007

MCGUIRE BOOKS NOW IN STORES! The Nashville Portraits and Ryman books are now available in most book stores or on-line book sellers. Signed copies are available directly from McGuire and can be ordered by Email or phone: mcguire@nashvilleportraits.com or (615) 244-1947

August 19, 2007

"TRES AMIGOS IN HANOI" Bad boys in skirts!! That's me, Chris Noth and John Terzano forced at gunpoint to wear skirts upon entering the grave site of Ho Chi Minh in the North Vietnamese capitol of Hanoi.


August 14, 2007

Ryman book sales sheet

August 10, 2007

NASHVILLE PORTRAIT BOOK: Coming in Sept. Please check back here for exact launch date and book signings around the country.


July 14, 2007

A review from the Nashville Scene:

JIM McGUIRE: THE NASHVILLE PORTRAITS Influenced by 1950s Hollywood cinema and Irving Penn’s classic “Small Trades” series, Nashville photographer Jim “Señor” McGuire started his black-and-white studies of country music greats back in 1972 by capturing John Hartford and Vassar Clements after a late-night New York gig. After moving to Nashville in the early ’70s, at the height of Music City’s bohemian boom years, he set up shop in a dilapidated storefront on Wyoming Avenue and invited everyone from Bill Monroe to Barbara Mandrell to sit before his hand-painted canvas backdrop. The result has none of the stodginess of official portraiture but instead sly wit, playfulness and a spirit of outlaw chic. When the young Guy and Susannah Clark stand slouched in surly cool, or Townes Van Zandt fixes his camera with a telescopic stare, they seem to be inhabiting the same high-contrast noirs and major-studio mythmaking of McGuire’s youth. If you haven’t seen this Frist Center exhibit, which gathers 60 of McGuire’s Nashville Portraits, you’re missing a vital blast of visual radio. Through Sept. 9 at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts

June 14, 2007

It never ceases to amaze me where these photographs take me....and how they somehow find their way into people's live's......it's as remarkable as it is humbling.

June 12, 2007


May 18, 2007

A wonderful piece by Chet Flippo:

May 11, 2007

Another nice tribute...


May 9, 2007
Here is a link to an article they just wrote about me in the Tennessean!

May 7, 2007
I just wanted to let everyone know that my show at the Frist Center will be starting this weekend. For more details, click here.



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the Ryman Auditorium during a lightning storm - the End of an Era