As you're about to discover, I'm far more interesting with a camera and a glass of whiskey than I am with a typewriter and a glass of milk. But recently some friends insisted I write a little story about my life to lend some insight into this work I've been doing all these years. Obliged by their selfish, prodding, requests, I offer these words on "me". Please be aware that I never actually intended to become a photographer. I just figured that I would do this until I found my true calling. So if I jump around a lot in my little story telling and get you lost, please be patient with me. I promise that in the end, my life will make as little sense to you as it has for me.

I was born May 17, 1941, the second oldest child of Felix and Elizabeth McGuire raised with four Irish siblings, Dennis, Thomas, Kathleen and Jane. Together we formed one of the many dysfunctional families living in New Jersey during the 1950's. You could say that my dad's weakness for Dixieland Jazz and brother Tom's enrollment in a high school photography class were the seeds that started it all. But they were just that…seeds…seeds that didn't start growing until that night in 1953 when I discovered country music.

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