t--h--e---- N--a--s--h--v--i--l--l--e---- P--o--r--t--r--a--i--t--s

o -f-----J--i--m----M--c--G--u--i--r--e

the Ryman Auditorium

End of an Era. That's what this was. This shot came to me shortly after hearing that the Ryman was to be torn down. For the better part of a year, every time there was a thunderstorm, I would drive down to this deserted building with this image in mind. Looking for that moment. And one night, I got lucky. Shot in a thunderstorm. Nikon, 35mm camera. Tri-X film. Camera resting on the open window sill of my '56 Buick. Three of the best seconds of my life.

April, 1974



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the Ryman Auditorium during a lightning storm - the End of an Era