t--h--e---- N--a--s--h--v--i--l--l--e---- P--o--r--t--r--a--i--t--s

o -f-----J--i--m----M--c--G--u--i--r--e

Roland White (Born 1938)

Originally from Maine, he moved to California with his family while a teenager. With his brothers, Clarence and Eric, he formed a band, Three Little Country Boys, that in late 1962, which became as renown as The Kentucky Colonels that broke up with the effective end of the folk boom in 1965. He played guitar in Bill Monroe’s band until 1969 before joining Lester Flatt’s band, New Grass, and, in 1973, Country Gazette.  From 1988 until 1998, he played mandolin in the Nashville Bluegrass Band before leaving to form his own band. He now lives in Nashville, plays concerts with his own band, and teaches mandolin.

Studio portrait/Nashville



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